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New and Used Inventory at Jenkins and Wynne Honda

Incentive available on all new Honda purchases.

USAA has changed its referral policy. They no longer have time to make referrals of car dealers. They now use ZAG, a company partly owned by USAA, to make all referrals. To become a referred dealer, the dealer must pay ZAG $299 for a new vehicle lead or $399 for a used vehicle lead. Before USAA charged for referrals, Jenkins & Wynne was always referred by USAA as a reputable dealer. We feel that it is wrong that any dealer can be referred merely by paying a fee that must ultimately be passed on to the customer in the vehicle sale price. USAA now refers Honda customers 70+ miles away. It is inconvenient for anyone to have to travel 70+ miles for sales and service. The referral is not based on Customer Satisfaction…but on whoever will pay the intense cost upfront.

We, at Jenkins & Wynne, are a relationship… not just a ‘fee’ and a sale!

Why Buy From Us?

Jenkins and Wynne will sell you a vehicle for less than the ZAG authorized dealer and provide service after the sale. We guarantee your satisfaction with our 48 Hour Price + Product Guarantee—if for any reason you are not satisfied simply return your purchase within 48 hours, 200 miles, and no body damage for a complete refund.

 Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Commander George Appenzeller reads a certificate of appreciation for Jenkins & Wynne's support of the Fort Campbell BACH Wounded Warriors facilities project.

Former Service Members of the United States Military

Us Army

  • Michael Yager - 29 years
  • Floyd Ward - 26 years
  • Eddie Holland - 25 years
  • Rocky Noland - 24 years
  • Rich May - 22 years
  • Tom Sylvia - 22 years
  • Duane Coates - 21 years
  • Rick Nelson - 20 years 6 months
  • Karl Broadnax - 20 years 1 month
  • Bruno Hughs - 20 years
  • Hilary Lewis - 15 years
  • James Kennedy - 10 years
  • Eric Fields - 6 years
  • Richard Martin - 6 years
  • Mike Caden - 6 years
  • Tracy Gillespie - 6 years
  • Ed Jones - 5 years
  • Mike Dewberry - 4 years
  • John Cornejo - 4 years
  • Bobby Smith - 2 years
  • Gerald Campbell - 2 years
  • Jeff Howard - 2 years

US Air Force

  • Tim Roberge - 24 years 6 months
  • Don Pierce - 4 years
  • Mike Dewberry - 5 years 8 months

TN National Guard

  • Gerald Campbell - 9 years 6 months
  • FC Lehman - 6 years
  • Josh Fundernank
  • Richard Holmes
  • Heidi Williams
 Jenkins & Wynne has made a large contribution to BACH to enable the hospital to build a training facility for helping soldiers with dramatic war-related brain injuries become active and mobile.

US Navy

  • Amy Norwood - 17 years

Field Artillery at Fort Carson

  • Mark Donahue - 4 years

Air Force Reserve

  • David Traxler - 6 years
**Must be used as down payment assistance or cap-cost reduction through HFS. If you purchase a vehicle from Jenkins and Wynne and your vehicle is in our shop overnight for warranty work, we will offer a complimentary furnished loaner vehicle. There is special pricing for USAA Members.
Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.
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